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How Risk Management is Driving Today's Boardroom Decisions

Engr. Ademola Isaac Olorunfemi, FNSE (President, Nigerian Society of Engineers 2013 - 2015). says in the Foreword of the book Risk Management and other Professions: 
"Today, Engineers, Architects, Geologists, Surveyors, Estate Managers, Town Planners, Bankers, Accountants, Medical Practitioners, Economists, Legal Practitioners, Journalists, Investors and others have discovered new trends in enhancing total control over their callings. For effectiveness and efficiency, there is a need to think out of the box, hence the essence of risk management in our professional callings.

Vidya Phalke, CTO at MetricStream, says stakeholders are increasingly holding corporate leadership to a higher standard when it comes to managing risks of all kinds — systemic risk, geopolitical risk, credit risk, cyber risk, macroeconomic risk, technology risk, and more.

While great strides have been made, and many crises have been averted, we continue to see front-page stories play out about those risks that weren’t adequately understood or managed. Alongside this, the news media and popular culture have shaped our thinking around risk as something to be avoided — as the inevitable evil of doing business.

However, those organizations that have embraced the practice of effective risk management are taking a radically different view of risk — rather than viewing risk as a negative that must be avoided, they fish out the opportunities from risks. If you know what your risks are, you are in a better position to make decisions that drive better business performance. This refreshing view of risk is being led at the top – in the boardroom – where many business leaders are re-thinking, re-imagining, and reshaping the conversation about risk.

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