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Risk Management And Its Usefulness To The Modern Society

Risks in a changing and global world are complex and interconnected, even more so in a globalized world of many societies at different levels of development. Work life is strongly influenced by globalization - for example, the growing gap between the rich and the poor, demographic dispanties between the ageing and the very young in every society, growing mobility of people, the rapid diffusion of new technologies and a variety of working and environmental conditions in highly industrialized and developing countries, let alone the rapidly changing economic conditions including new types of enterprises and occupations. 

Furthermore, risk governance is crucial for sustainable development,  preservation of diverse lifestyles, and social cohesion. Social networks, cultural and religious as well as political and media environments are confronted with threats to safety, health, and the environment. Occupational safety and health are important for public good and a prerequisite for effective and enduring social security systems. 

Risk Management is a unique new discipline in the world. It is probably the only discipline, which several other traditional professions have directly and/or indirectly embedded, added, embraced, incorporated, adopted or integrated within the core content of their professions so as to achieve better results in the interests of the stakeholders of their respective professions.

The fact that risk management as a profession is still in its infancy makes it a little difficult for some other professionals to appreciate its importance to their own professional competencies. Hence, the need to explain the concept of risk management and its usefulness to the modern society.

Risk Management is concerned with the ability of an individual/organization to systematically, consciously and proactively manage the impact of risks to its operational existence and/or survival.

Risk Management is a dynamic system which should be developed and implemented under the responsibility of any leader for all levels of life.

Risk management consists of a set of resources, behaviors, procedures and actions tailored to suit the characteristics of the organization, permitting top management to identify and manage risks they choose to accept at levels tolerated or approved by the Board.

To carry out risk management effectively in an organization, there is a need for such organization to set out its risk management objectives.

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