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Risk Management As It Concerns Journalism and The Media

Information is power, the media is the conveyor, and journalists are the principal actors who shape its nature and influence the effects. Governments all over the world recognise the importance of information; they create the print and electronic media, which employ journalists to propagate their agenda. The media is used for positive and negative purposes depending on which side of the divide the assessor is.

The role of the press is not limited to political ends, Economists have stressed the importance of access to quality information for economic decisions. Both the government and the private sectors require a wide range of reliable and up-to-date information for strategic purposes. The media is the avenue to reach the market and the consumers.

There are a lot of Hazards and Risks associated with Journalism and the Media. These and the solutions are featured in the book: Risk Management and the Other Professions.

To learn more on Risk Management as it concerns Journalism and the Media, order a copy of  Risk Management and Other Professions today. The book strives to arouse the awareness of professionals to risks associated with their responsibilities in their different professions; and how to mitigate such risks effectively. The book strives to bring to the fore what risks professionals face and how to manage such risks. It offers views on the way forward towards achieving risk management objectives, goals and targets in alignment with organizational strategies.

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