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Risk Management in Education

Education is the foundation of knowledge. It is the antidote against the risk of ignorance and primitivism. Teaching at any level was once regarded as a "Noble Profession", which is no longer the case, following the attitude of the people or the policy makers in the profession. It is important to note that education goes beyond literacy; i.e. the ability to read and write. The impact of sound education should be seen in an individual's attitude, behavior, perception and disposition. This is then extended to reflect on his actions, on in actions in the society in particular and the nation in general.

Education is everybody's right. This is the reason every person should have access to quality education. However, the state of education in Nigeria today does not meet the expectations of the people.

It is painful to note that during the pre-independence and post-independence Nigeria, up until the late 1980s, the quality of education in Nigeria was high and well respected throughout the world. As a result, students from other countries attended Nigerian Universities during that period. With the passage of time, the system began a downward trend. The government did not address the decadence that became a cankerworm  in the schools' system and subsequent destruction of public schools starting from the primary and secondary schools level. As a way out, some private individuals decided to establish a private nursery and primary schools, which however did not solve the decadence problem in the public institutions.

I have put together some Risks and Challenges of the Education Profession and the Risk Treatment Imperatives in my book titled "Risk Management and Other Professions". The book strives also to arouse the awareness of professionals to risks associated with their responsibilities in their different professions; and how to mitigate such risks effectively. The book strives to bring to the fore what risks professionals face and how to manage such risks. It offers views on the way forward towards achieving risk management objectives, goals and targets in alignment with organizational strategies.

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