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The Speech Delivered By The Chief Presenter of The Book Launch

Mr Olusegun Oshidipe Director of Corporate Communications, M.A.N

The Author, our spiritual fathers in the house, the Reviewers of the book.

It is my privilege to stand before the Risk Management Professionals this hour. I will like to start by rendering the apology of the DG of Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (M.A.N) who is unavoidably absent due to National assignment that requires him to be out of Lagos.

However, I have few comments on the book that I am required to present to us on this occasion. But before doing that, not as joining issues with Mr. Victor Oteri, but as a way to let us know that some other professions will also be present in Heaven. Because, if the book of records will be opened, then we need some people that will have to deal with recording. And, if we will be singing Alleluias all through, we will be needing Singers.

I will like to present the general comment of the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria with respect to the content of this book. By way of endorsement, the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria sees this book as a rich collection of Risk Management information, concepts and principles, more like a real collection of literature professionally packaged for the benefit of mankind.

Our Association hereby commends the author, especially for x-raying some organisations. It is something to write a book, it is something else to apply it. The author successfully did that.

After writing about the concept from one chapter to the other, writing about Risk Management and other professions. He got to a point; the author had to x-ray some Organisations in Nigeria in the mirror of international best practices.

I will not like to mention some of the organizations here, but when you pick the book, you will see and also support some of the statements made by the author in the book.

But softly for us, we see it as the author did, emphasing the need for us to safeguard our organisations from corporate failure by strictly adhering to the tenets of corporate governance.

We the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria see the book as a useful guide for attaining organizational success and identification of avoidable risks and hazards.

Most compelling for us also by way of endorsement is the fact that the book provides strategic roadmap for improvement in attainment of corporate objectives and effective allocation of resources for risk treatment.

We are of the opinion that the book provides means for identifying opportunities and threats, as well as benefits that an organization stands to gain when it effectively engages of Enterprise Risk Management.

Don't blame me or don't blame M.A.N., our focus really is to give special attention to Chapters 12, 13 and 14 because the Manufacturers that we represent are business men and they want to see the dimension in which Risk Management can directly or indirectly impact on their operation.

M.A.N. also noted that what the author presented in the book is to stress the need for everyone to pay attention to this profession called "Risk Management".

I will like to quote a particular phrase of the book that "Risk is interlocked in every human activity". So even beyond manufacturing, in every human activity, risk is interlocked.

Finally, I will also like to commend the author for the manner in which the content of the book was presented. It dosen't  matter the level of your education, if you pick the book, because of the simplicity in which the author presented issues, then you will be able to understand and be able to learn one or two things from the book.

However, before moving to the stage of presenting the book, I will like to comment that when I gave attention to the statement "Risk is interlocked in every human endeavour" I decided to just meditate on that statement on my own personally. And I suddenly realized that when the author is more or less presenting to the public, readers and professionals is more or less to make us understand the fact that wherever we find ourselves, whatever we do; risk is involved and we need to be calculative; we need to take necessary steps to ensure we manage such risks.

One of the first thing that came to mind, even naturally when you look at laughing, when you see someone laugh, when someone laughs too much, you stand the risk of been called ...I don't want to say the other part. Also, when you are too benevolent, you stand the risk of being called a "Father Christmas" or all sorts of names.

When you love too much; you stand the risk of being disappointed or being hurt.

When you cry too much, some people are professional criers. Naturally, that is the way they are wired, before you say anything; tears will start rolling down, you also stand the risk of being called been sentimental. And when you trust too much; you stand the risk of being betrayed.

Distinguished ladies and gentlemen; and members of RIMSON. I could go on and on, but in a nutshell, on behalf of Manufacturers Association of Nigeria, to the glory of God, to the expansion of knowledge, to the deepening of the mandate of RIMSON, for the further development and progress of Risk Management in Nigeria.

To the glory of God and to the benefit of the profession of Risk Management, I hereby on behalf of M.A.N. present the book titled "Risk Management and Other Professions" written by Engr. Jacob T. Adeosun to you.

I think some other responsibilities also come with presenting the book to the public, M.A.N. is a non-profit organization. But in appreciation of this book, we will be taking (3) copies and we will be communicating support in writing to the author thereafter.

However, to also show how we so appreciate the content of this book in M.A.N., I have been given the mandate to also inform us, particularly the author at this event that the cover of the book - when you give us the softcopy - will be uploaded on the website of M.A.N., the second is that we have a magazine called MAN News; it is a Twenty-Six (26) page colourful magazine, the circulation is wide. We circulate it to all manufacturers across the states represented in Nigeria. We also circulate to Ministries, Departments, and Agencies we partner with including International Organizations. Two pages of the next edition, it is a quaterly magazine - will be dedicated to this book. We will be waiting to recieve all that has to do with this presentation for publication.

Thank you.

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