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The Speech Delivered By The First Book Reviewer At the Book Launch

Mr Victor Oteri, Ace Broadcaster, Lagos Traffic Radio

The Chairman, he has refused to be recognized as an High Chief. Maybe we can elevate him higher and call him Igwe.

The Chairman, High Chief Prosper Okpue;

The Chief Presenter of this book, who is ably represented here today from the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria.

The Author of the book:”Risk Management and Other Professions”

My Co-Reviewer of this book- a man whose name sounds like honey Mr. Val Ojumah.

Distinguished ladies and gentlemen.

I want to also here respectfully stand on the existing protocol. And so, if I have missed out any name, it is certainly not intentional. So I plead and I believe you will accept my apology this morning.

Well, I am highly honoured and extremely delighted to be here and part of this programme. Not just as an observer, but as a participant; in the form of the Book Reviewer.

And my friend, who is the MC of this occasion, has talked gloriously about me. I feel flattered and if I am going to use the words of one of the foremost broadcasters, I feel overgasted and flabberwhelmed.

Well, today is the World Teachers’ Day and I have heard from the MC speak copiously of the author of this book as a great mentor, as one who has inspired many lives; as one who has transformed so many people and have written so many books in the hearts of many. That can only qualify someone who is a Teacher. And so, I think, if we can just rise up on our feet for just one minute and celebrate the author of this book for this ingenious thing he has done with a round of applause. Thank you.

You know, I carry this book from my office, back home and from the home back to the office. And one of these days, my second son, who was seven years old saw the book and he was trying to make sense of it. He read it aloud:”Risk Management and Other Professions” said “Dad, what is risk?” And it suddenly dawned on me that what the author has in sight is coming to play here. What is risk?

Before I could respond my first son who is very curious and inquisitive seems to have an idea, so he came to my rescue; “I know it, I know it”:”Risk is something that can harm you”. I said, “Very good, very good. You know it, you are correct”. What I am trying to bring out here is that, that book in its own little way has started to create something new, even in little minds. Because, a few days after, as I was walking towards the kitchen and I hit one little object” nearby, immediately my son heard my voice, he said “Dad, are you at risk?”I said; I am not”.

And that tells you the impact that tells you what literature can do, not just in the life of individuals, but in the life of our nation.

This book is titled “Risk Management and Other Professions” by Engr. Jacob Taiwo Adeosun is one intellectually robust piece of work and one of its kind in Nigeria.

It provides solutions for major problems that frustrate developmental efforts in Nigeria and beyond. And one of such problems is the fear of uncertainties, fear of risks that are involved in all human endeavours.

The Fourteen - Chaptered book provides an in-depth analysis of risks,; its consequences, as well as its management in all professions. I can tell you this morning that the book subtly introduces us into this intellectual journey by guiding the listener and the reader through what Risks is; the nature of risks and its existence in any sphere of endeavour. And it also goes further to tell us the risk that abounds in the Society.

I will just take you through some little summary, out of these fourteen chapters.

In Chapter One for instance, the author examines Risk Management and its fundamentals by introducing readers to the concept of risk and its management process. According to him, risk has to do with the combination of probability of an event and its consequences. It is often associated with danger, with uncertainties, with loss and of course with unpleasant situations.

But here, like a tour guide; just like a tourist, taking you on an adventure, stated categorically that Risk management is central part of many organization’s strategy for management.

The author picks up in Chapter Two and entered the realm of intellectual highway; accelerating the subject matter of discourse to a whole new level. For instance, the presence of a Risk Manager presupposes that Risk will always be lurking around. And so in this Chapter, the author appraised the relationship between Risk Management and Risk Manager. So here, he try to tell us who is a Risk Manager and what is Risk Management?

The author in Chapter Two have been able to distinguish that anywhere there is a Risk, there is a Risk Manager and then the concept of management comes into play. I can say something for sure here that in today’s world and especially in a country that we are today; job titles like a Risk Manager or even Risk management Consultants are very, very few in this part of the world. But for all CEOs, for all Chief Executives that are here and for all Human Resource Executives that have graced this occasion; I can tell you that if you are willing or ready to hire new hands for this job description, Chapter Two of this book is a classic guide that will take you to that right path.

One mouth watering quality that cannot be ignored that he also described in that Chapter that has to do with the profession that we can find in Heaven and that is the only profession you find in Heaven. I want to ask us this morning, which profession?

If I ask you, my own profession will be found in Heaven. There is only one profession by the time you get to Heaven; it is that profession and others. Which profession is that? Can somebody tell me? If you talk about building, God has finished all the architecture. Heaven will be full of merriment and that merriment only take place where there is communication. If there is no communication, there is no merriment.

This book have been able to spell out the risk that are involved in communication and how a company or an organisation or an entity can be successful if it possesses this good skill that will help translate Risk Management as an ideal.

I won’t be exposing everything that we have in this book, but like the popular saying that says “Health is wealth”, the Third Chapter of that book discusses the importance of health and medical services in human endeavours.

While Chapter Four looks into Risks involved in agriculture, and the need for us to take Insurance to a new level in terms of insuring the agricultural system that we have.

One thing that is very very obvious in this book, whether it is education; whether it is science, whether it is engineering, technology, the financial sector , the public service, sports, entertainment, tourism, religion, the media, corporate governance and even international relations; Engr. Jacob Adeosun has provided the solutions in that book. I believe, he deserves a round of applause for that.

He says Risk abounds everywhere and it takes only a careful understanding of these risks that will bring about measures that will manage these risks.

There is no doubt that the book covers the subject matter very very well. And for someone coming across the book for the first time but probably he was looking at it from the onset may wrongly assume that Risk management starts and ends at the work place. But the author nudges you on into the reality as it goes beyond the workplace to cover all facets of human life. I find the book easy to understand and easy to read, and it’s something I will recommend for everyone here that has come here today. And I want to believe that you are privileged to be part of this epoch making occasion.

I can tell you something that from now on, our government should focus on this area, to see opportunities that will flow from risks and its management.

Beyond all I have said, the author also delved into cases of disasters. He mentioned how to control them, how to live with some and how beneficial it will be to managers of business and of course to mankind as a whole just like the Chairman rightly said in his speech.

The author’s wealth of experience as a licensed Risk Manager was brought to bear and brought to the fore in this book. And I can say with utmost conviction that any discerning reader will feel the weight of knowledge as he reads the book with open mind as I did.

Risks Management and other Professions by this erudite scholar – I want to refer to him as a scholar – Engr. Jacob Adeosun – has equally awakened my knowledge to the fact that Risk management is everybody’s business and it doesn’t create any wall. There are no imaginary wall and this applies to virtually everyone, including the CEO of a company; including the Directors, including all top notch officers and even those that ran below the bottom line; it also refers to them.

More so, because Risk management if properly handled could be beneficial, or if wrongly administered as well could hinder the growth of companies and would also affect the religious settings as well. And you know the impact of that.

With the concept of Risk Management being a comparatively new market, I can tell you that it is a growing concern in our country today and publication which Engr. Adeosun has rolled out will start to open the minds of people into this interesting area and bring a whole lot of diversification. This thoroughly researched work and insightful brilliant work which spans over One – Hundred and Thirty- Seven pages, has given us proper definition of terms; in terms of risk, Risk Management and it guides readers through the necessity of applying the principles to ways that will be practical and beneficial to the corporate world.

Having read the book, I recommend it to those with the foresight of delving into the process of Risk Management. No corporate boardroom, I am going to reemphasize that; as you make your way back, from this fag-off today, all your boardrooms; all your libraries should have a copy of Risk management and Other Professions. Your boardroom will not be complete without that book gracing your table.

And so, it is a must read for those who are very, very willing to improve on the returns of the organization. The Management of risks, I can tell you also require special skills and training. And the author simplified the process here by talking about education in the book.

He also brought in the angle of culture; the culture of life that we have. You know quite well in this part of the world, the culture that we sometimes display; especially on the road indicates that we are not Risk Managers at all.

But with books like this, I am very very convinced that we are on the right highway. It may not be impossible without the commitment of the upper management in every organization. So, the book is recommending that we must support it.

Now, the author of the book spells out the fundamentals and the essential questions what do businesses want to achieve, we all that are here know what we want to achieve. We want elevation, we want promotions we want profits. But for all of these to occur it means we must pay attention to the management of risk.

But what Engr. Adeosun has done, is not just to present risks as dangers; uncertainties, he has also been able to give to us that there are lots of opportunities that are inherent in Risk Management. And so far, a wise person here today, even as you leave; you know that a new horizon has awakened and your organisation will be the first to benefit from it, to pay much attention.

So, in the view of the foregoing, there is need and there is no doubt that the content of this book is enriched with most of what is needed to ensure that Risk management becomes a part of everyone. I will boldly say, we all should embrace this by encouraging the author. We can encourage him today by buying this book. Not just buy, buy for your friend; buy for your sister; buy for your uncle; buy for your mom.

I know that the Chairman is going home with a trailer load of this book today.

Thank you very much. God bless you all.

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